Ethereal Structures by Ai WeiWei at the Bon Marché Fill the Sky of a Perfumery


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Until February 20, 2016 you can go visit a new installation and exhibition entitled "Er Xi, Air de Jeux" by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei created specifically for the interior architecture of Parisian department store Le Bon Marché. The mythological creatures hanging under the 19th century iron and glass roof of the store by architect Louis-Auguste Boileau, with ornaments by Alexandre Laplanche, and consultation by Gustave Eiffel, create a cultural contrast and sense of wonder, well after Christmas...

Ai_WeiWei_BM_sm.jpg The floating mythological creatures made of bamboo and silken white paper are inspired by Ai WeiWei's memories of his childhood daydreaming around the Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), a bestiary and compendium of Chinese mythology known since the 4th century BC.


Ai_WeiWei_Mythologie_2_sm.jpg The construction technique used is based on traditional kite-making in China, while lights were added to make the mobiles look like lanterns; you think of Calder who turned mobiles into art.

Ai_WeiWei_BM_Escalator_sm.jpgThe central escalator has been decorated with running Chinese dragons.

BM_Ai_WeiWei_femme_sm.jpgOur favorite mythological creature was this one.

There is more to be seen until February 20th included.

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