Gri Gri Parfums Moko Maori, Ukiyo-E & Tara Mantra are Meant for Tattooed Skins (2016) {New Perfumes}


Gri Gri Parfums is a new French niche brand which has launched a debut trio of perfumes called Moko Maori, Ukiyo-E & Tara Mantra, which are said to be meant "for tattooed skins"...

They also each represent a different geographical and cultural universe, not just poetically speaking but also in terms of the chosen notes.

Moko Maori has top notes of grass and flax leading to a heart of fern, Manuka honey and kowhai - New Zealand's national flower - while the base rests on lichen and Kanuka, native to Australia and New Zealand.

Ukiyo-E opens on top notes of Genmaicha tea, yuzu and Aralia or Spikenard seguing into a heart of Daphne blossom and green tea then lingering on with Japanese cherry blossom, Japanese pieris and heather.

Tara Mantra starts with saffron, cardamom and Asafoetida spice followed by patchouli and Ajowan (Trachyspermum ammi) related to cumin and aneth, leaving a sillage of lotus, jasmine and agarwood (oud).

All three fragrances were composed by perfumer Anaïs Biguine who already has another perfume label, Jardins d'Ecrivains, which debuted in 2012 with the scent named George, after George Sand.

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