Scented Quote of the Day, from Andy Warhol: On Skin & Scent


Bob Adelman
Andy Warhol in Gristedes with Brillo Boxes. 47th Street, New York City
photo 1965 [printed later]
archival pigment print, edition of 20
paper size > 19 x 11 inches, signed, numbered (Westwood Gallery)

"Day after day I loook in the mirror and I still see something - a new pimple. If the pimple on my upper right cheek is gone, a new one turns up on my lower left cheek, on my jawline, near my ear, in the middle of my nose, under the hair on my eyebrows, right between my eyes...

"I think it's the same pimple, moving from place to place." I was telling the truth. If someone asked me "What's your problem?" I'd have to say, "Skin."

"I dunk a Johnson and Johnson cotton ball into a Johnson and Johnson rubbing alcohol and rub the cotton ball against the pimple. It smells so good. So clean. So cold. And while the alcohol is drying I think about nothing. How it's always in style. Always in good taste. Nothing is perfect - after all, B, it's the opposite of nothing."

In The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) (1975)

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