Lost Souls ≈ Les âmes perdues / The Habitat of the Homeless in Paris I ≈ l'Habitat SDF à Paris I {Paris Street Photography}

Lost_Souls_SDF_Habitat_1.jpg Lost Souls ≈ Les âmes perdues / Series: The Habitat of the Homeless in Paris (I) ≈ Série : l'Habitat SDF à Paris (I ) © 2016 CHANT WAGNER

What is hidden from plain view is the fact that a person is attempting to live - or rather survive - under a mattress on a Paris city bench, trying to keep warm and dry, barely, in the winter...

The rain has soaked the futon used as a temporary roof and a blanket at the same time.

Street artists have seemingly commented upon the situation by drawing a giant beetle trying to keep warm in the cold of January by holding a ball of light.

Is it a spray can of paint or a bottle of perfume directed towards the invisible homeless person? If it's a perfume meant to cover the smell of homelessness, it's been baptized "Lost Souls".

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