Prada Candy Kiss (2016) ≈ The White Trail {New Perfume}


The fashion house of Prada have released a new version of Candy (2011) called Candy Kiss, which is still sweet but now aims to suggest soft textures and an enwrapping feeling of white-cotton-y musks...

"Channelling Candy's addictive nature, the fragrance elevates a distinctive musk scent by multiplying its presence on the skin. It's about obsession and repetition, just like a favourite song triggers emotion again and again - the more we return to the melody, the stronger its impression becomes."

Orange blossom appears to enhance the soft-focus theme brought about by a vertical note of white musk running throughout the composition - particularly as seen from the perspective of French culture as the floral note is typically associated with calming, childhood scents as well as a host of traditional desserts.


The fragrance was composed by perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan.

No mention is made of caramel, a characteristic facet of the original fragrance, but it could still be part of the story.

The eau de parfum has top notes of bergamot and muguet seguing into a heart of white, cotton-y and powdery musks kissed by orange blossom while the base is sweet thanks to vanilla.

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SRP: $88 & $118

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