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Bois de Petit Grain & Fleur de Mandarine Eaux de Parfum by Baldini by Taoasis

German natural perfume brand Taoasis Est. 1991 are launching a collection of perfume compositions named after the fictional character Baldini, an 18th century perfumer in the bestselling novel by Patrick Süskind Das Parfum. Bois de Petit Grain and Fleur de Mandarine are 100% natural fragrance compositions presented as « bioparfums »...

Taoasis have been carrying essential oils and functional natural fragrances for the home, body, but also cooking. They have issued a booklet distributed in bio supermarkets and apothecaries in Germany entitled Die Düfte zum Essen und Trinken (Fragrances for Eating and Drinking.)


Bois de Petit Grain is said to be a blend inspired by the Mediterranean eco-system skewing masculine with aromatic and balsamic notes of maritime pine and herbs lifted by grapefruit, petitgrain, and lemon tree.

Fleur de Mandarine is a rendering of the landscape planted with fields of agrumes in Tuscany, Italy. Main ingredients are red mandarin, orange and ylang-ylang for a fruity-floral which is said to be both revitalizing and sensual based on the aromatherapeutic properties of the essences.

Each 30 ml eau de parfum is priced at 29,80€.

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