The Perfume Library Jahnvi Dameron Nandan x Iris Touliatou Florida Hyperessence (2016) {New Fragrance}


Photo © NASA/Scott Kelly

The Perfume Library Jahnvi Dameron Nandan x Iris Touliatou Florida Hyperessence

«How will peonies smell in zero gravity? » - Indian perfumer Jahnvi Dameron Nandan and Berlin-based Greek artist Iris Touliatou have mused upon the concept to co-create Florida Hyperessence...

Jahnvi Dameron Nandan hails from New Delhi and is the brand-owner of The Perfume Library, the label under which she creates her nature-oriented perfumes, most of the time in collaboration with artists.


« Florida Hyperessence has an almost equal combination of 39 synthetic and natural notes.

It evolves around a peony top note captured through headspace technology, a method that captures the odor compounds present in the air surrounding various objects. The botanist and painter Nassos Daphnis' dynamically hybrid peonies have been a constant guiding force and reference behind this choice. »

The vision which presided over the conception of the perfume is one of utter darkness and technological prowess, and seems partly inspired by the one-year sojourn in space of astronaut Scott Kelly, whose photo of a flower on a windshield of the space station serves as illustration for the scent.

« The flower sits in unearthly darkness, reflecting heated plastics and smoke; feeling metal nearer and steam escaping in puffs. »

Fragance notes are peony, lentiscus, orris, gaiac, sandal, vetiver, cedar, Hedione, Suedral, and Iso E Super.

This is a limited-edition. The launch took place at Five & Dime in Berlin, where it is also available.

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