A Lab on Fire Mon Musc à Moi (2016) {New Fragrance}

Mon_Musc_a_moi.jpg American niche brand A Lab on Fire has released a new unisex fragrance called Mon Musc à Moi...

The label was created in 2011. While the packaging and the price (incredibly for the latter) remain the same - minimalist, industrial and edgy - there is new stress laid on the name of the perfumer which appears now stamped in full on the outer packaging in the shape of a thick aluminium sachet. Originally, the brand used initials only. In this case, Mon Musc à Moi, which means "My Own Musk", was composed by Dominique Ropion of IFF.

The eau de parfum features notes of bergamot, peach blossom, Turkish rose, heliotrope, musks, caramel, amber, blond woods, vanilla, tonka bean absolute. It clearly aims « gourmand ».

Reasonably-priced fragrance labels, whose main motivation is research, are few and far between. These days, the word "art" has been taken hostage by mercantilists who think first and foremost about gains operating on roomy price margins. So, if only for the fact that A Lab on Fire has not budged on its price policy, it is already standing out of the crowd. Its sweet and gourmand thrust however, bespeaks of a global market trend, an idea, which like white sugar, has been refined - or not - for the past quarter of a century.

SRP: 24€ for 15 ml

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