Annick Goutal Tenue de Soirée (2016) {New Perfume}

TENUE_DE_SOIREE_flacon.jpg Tenue de Soirée Eau de Parfum by Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal will launch a new fragrance for women from October 2016 called Tenue de Soirée...

The composition aims to capture that flutter of excitement in the heart of a woman as she gets ready to go out for the evening, and night. It is a moment of anticipation as she works on making an impression to herself and for others, thinking about possibilities to come.

For the house of Goutal, it is also a way to ascertain that perfume is a woman's true dress, clothing being thought of as an accessory to perfume. This, of course, is turning a commonplace idea about the preeminence of fashion, on its head.

In doing so, Annick Goutal are operating a rapprochement with the codes of so-called « designer perfumery », which has been progressing together with the history of the fashion industry since Coco Chanel - while at the same time adroitely reasserting the supremacy of fragrance over fashion, as niche perfumery is meant to do.

Guerlain, most notably, have previously gotten cosier with the fashion industry with the very symbolic La Petite Robe Noire (The Little Black Dress), which looks like it was lifted from the pages of Chanel's advice book, by way of Madeleine Vionnet.

In fact, Goutal are insisting no knowledge of fragrance notes is necessary to experience that moment of ancitipation mentioned above. Niche brands usually insist more than designer brands on the technical aspects of perfume composition. In this case, the house want us to concentrate on emotions - and, no doubt, mystery. It's giving back to perfume its indispensable ingredient to prosper : the ineffable.

What we know is that Tenue de Soirée is reportedly a gourmand chypre showcasing an exceptional quality of iris. The perfumer behind the jus is Mathieu Nardin of Robertet. Camille Goutal - the daughter of founder Annick Goutal - art-directed the creative project.

Tenue de Soirée follows up on Rose Pompon, which appears retrospectively like a transition scent for the brand to publicly stake out their interest in the sartorial universe. It also further consolidates a reliance on a diversified group of perfumers rather than on just perfumer Isabelle Doyen.

The eau de parfum will be available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. The 30 ml size will be a limited-edition.

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