Giorgio Beverly Hills Woos the Middle East with Giorgio Gold (2016) {New Fragrance}

Giorgio_Beverly_Hills_Gold_EDP.jpg The marketing team at Giorgio Beverly Hills decided it was high time they proposed their own version of the oud craze, with Giorgio Gold...

While the ingredient is not explicitly mentioned in the advertising copy, it is clearly alluded to,

« From Beverly Hills to Paris and from Paris to Dubaï, the Giorgio woman continues to travel across the world. This time, she leaves behind her a sensual, hauting, Oriental sillage. Inspired by the warm notes and golds of the Orient, Giorgio Gold is the new fragrance by Giorgio Beverly Hills®. » (Our translation)

The eau de parfum is further described as a composition « borrowing both from an ancestral ritual and modern perfumery. » (Our translation)

The ancient ritual the brand refers to would be the technique of fragrant fumigation based upon oud embers. The word « oud » has become so commonplace in perfumery over the last few years, it sounds a bit like a bad word. And like for money, which it's undeniably associated with, it's best not to talk about it too transparently, apparently.

This is a limited-edition.

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