Lady Eiffel - Dame Eiffel {Paris Street Photographer}{Fashion Notes}


Lady Eiffel - Dame Eiffel © CHANT WAGNER 2016

Lady Eiffel - Dame Eiffel

Two days after the Nice attack of July 14th 2016 which resulted in the horrendous deaths of 85 people including 10 children killed by a Kamikaze truck driver, this woman wearing a statement outfit could be spotted in Paris. With it, she seemed to express that Muslim culture and religion and Parisian and French pride of place are not incompatible...

To us, it stands as a reminder of such symbolism as embodied by the statue of Liberty in New York City and its smaller replica in Paris. This woman wished to be a walking monument, a poster girl for what it means to freely mix styles and cultures. You don't have to choose. You can overcome the perceived rift by turning it into a harmonious, intriguing mix-and-match outfit which shouts « I love both ».

Some Muslim French have said that they feel ashamed after the Nice carnage because there is the idea floating around about a common identity marker which spreads the guilt of what happened to all Muslims. This Muslim woman is holding her head high and revelling in all of her attributes - but more importantly, choices. You can choose when you live in a free society.

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