Summer in Paris with Pokémon Go {Paris Street Photos}


Pokémon Go Players I - Games & Reality © CHANT WAGNER 2016

Pokémon Go Players in Paris

The new body language that's appeared on the streets of Paris with the arrival of Pokémon Go in France is the typical broad daylight zombie walk, or at least you could choose to see it that way...


Pokémon Go Players II

Moved by a common goal, people are in groups, but not talking - or comparatively little - to each other and they are moving from time to time like one man in an unknown direction, to the external observer. Their attitudes are intense. This is what distinguishes this Pokémon Go attitude from the casual checking-out of mail and social media on a smartphone - unless significant breaking news is being communicated. Still, the smartphone stoop feels different even in times of crisis like after November 13 in Paris. With Pokémon Go, brains are on fire.


Pokémon Go Players III

In these pics, you can see also that, smartphones not being fitted with parasols, players have to improvize visors with their caps in the glaring sun of a summer day in Paris.


Pokémon Go Players IV

It's quite impressive visually to come upon those silent, concentrated groups of players now roaming freely in cities, worldwide. Sometimes they even chase Pokémons while riding bikes, or Velibs in Paris. Or they climb over the fences of closed gardens at night to reach a Pokémon arena.


Pokémon Go Players V

Kids and grown-ups play alike. It's a massive phenomenon that's taken over the planet in just a few days.


Pokémon Go Players VI

Technology has that uncanny effect of influencing human mores in one of the quickest ways possible. With the world wide web, it's demultiplied.

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