Avon x Kenzo Takada LIFE for Her & Him ≈ Prelude to a Fashion Collection (2016) {New Fragrances}

avon-life-kenzo-takada.jpg Avon x Kenzo Takada LIFE for Her & Him

Couturier Kenzo Takada - founder of the Kenzo fashion house - has teamed up with Avon to create a duo of fragrances called Life for Her and Life for Him "...built around the promise to Live Life Beautifully, encapsulating the unwavering positivity at the heart of Kenzo Takada's designs and personality,"...


The fashion designer who has launched perfumes such as Flower by Kenzo, ça sent beau, and L'Eau Kenzo, explained,

"Having previously developed premium fragrances I wanted to work with Avon to collaborate on a new collection with wide accessibility to women across the world, My experience with the Avon team has been incredible. Thanks to their passion, positivity and energy, we have created a timeless and distinctive fragrance line that conveys the splendor of the natural world and conveys beauty and positivity. I'm thrilled with the end result."

Avon Life by Kenzo Takada for Her is said to be a luxurious floral - woody scent with notes of iris, lily and violet.

Avon Life by Kenzo Takada for Him features notes of black pepper, violet leaves and cedar wood.

This collaboration signs the entrance of beauty company Avon into the fashion world since they are also working on a fashion line to be introduced in the beginning of 2017, going beyond the perfumes.

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