Images of a Wedding // VI {Paris Street Photography}


Wedding VI // Nature Morte: Baskets of Fruits / Corbeilles de fruits © CHANT WAGNER 2016

Images of a Wedding // VI

Colorful fuit baskets laid out on a wooden church bench during a Catholic wedding ceremony in Paris point to syncretism - and its acceptance by the church...

A procession would follow with attendants carrying the baskets to the altar. Without being knowledgeable in the ways that were being expressed, it appears that in Africa, fruit baskets - perhaps of specific fruits - are associated with weddings. So much so, that they can be perceived as a silent semiotic language signalling a marriage.

In a number of wedding rituals, worldwide, fruits symbolize not only plenty, but also progeny.

The fruits, I thought, were beautifully exhibited in round baskets wrapped in blue African patterned materials, mixing classicism with exoticism.

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