Lollipops Crazy Pink, Sweet' Pop, Liberty Chérie (2017) {New Perfumes} {Blotter Notes}


French makeup and cosmetics brand Lollipops, with a Parisian, youthful chic-and-jeune image, has issued a trio of new fragrances called Crazy Pink, Sweet'Pop and Liberty Chérie...

Crazy Pink is said to be a "sensual musk"; Sweet'Pop is described as an "almond cupcake"; Liberty Chérie is about the scent cherry blossoms.

A transversal smelling sessions yielded these blotter notes: we can't remember how Crazy Pink smells like, except sensual; Sweet'Pop is one of those new vanilla scents that try to hybridize with heliotrope. The anisic facet of Heliotrope is well present; Liberty Chérie does smell of cherry blossoms with a welcome, refreshing salty twist going in the direction of briney Japanese plums.

Each spray bottle available in travel, pencil size is priced at 13,99€.

The scents have yet to appear on the brand website as of today. They are available for now at Monop'.

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