Mugler A*Men Kryptomint (2017) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

A_Men_Kryptomint_Mugler_The_Scented_Salamander.jpg Thierry Mugler has released its new, annual flanker of A*Men (1996), A*Men Kryptomint, a fresh and mentholated twist on the warmth of the original, "inspired by a supernatural force"...

Superman's Achilles' heel becomes by a reversal of meaning the force upon which the wearer of cologne relies to feel super-energized.

Perfumer Jacques Huclier of Givaudan, who created the original A*Men, composes the new version. The familiar woody aromatic oriental signature has reportdly been super-charged with a glacial mint note, an effect resulting from an overdose of peppermint; the heart is both green and aromatic, thanks in great part to geranium; the patchouli in the base comes from a sustainable source in Indonesia, transforming itself when in contact with mint.

This is a limited edition eau de toilette available in 100 ml in a non-refillable bottle.

Via press release

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