Solescience Antidot Galactic Ice to Scent your Sneakers for $650 Only (2017)


In the series of Why-Not fragrances, Solescience has come up with a rarefied concept, which might not be really useful to you except to make you feel pretty unique: Antidot Galactic Ice is a fragrance for your sneakers issued in three copies only due to its reliance on an expensive jewelry ingredient, diamonds - if you really love your sneakers...

Unfortunately, your sneakers won't feel any gratefulness. On the other hand, you will know that they smell their best.


Introducing Galactic Ice. Our most luxurious sneaker fragrance to date
within the ANTIDŌT premium footwear freshener series.

A seductive upfront sweetness that leads into a clean aromatic finish
and featuring 45 near colorless round polished natural diamonds.
weighing approximately 1.50 carats in total."

Available as "1 of 3" in a 1 fl. oz. bottle.

Via Sneaker News; Solescience.

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