Juicy Couture Majestic Woods (2017) // The Continued Pull of Oud {New Fragrance}


Juicy Couture too now is turning to oud / oudh as the name Majestic Woods attest. It's a long way since velvety track suits with lettering on the bottom pieces were the icons of the brand in the noughties. It shows how almost each and every fashion brand is trying to communicate with the Orient and take a bite out of the oud pie, which apparently still smell fresh...

The eau de parfum, part of the Regal Collection, was composed by perfumer Honorine Blanc of Firmenich. It is a gourmand oriental with notes of praliné, tonka bean, Ambroxan, amber, patchouli, musk, majestic woods,

"In the heart, Majestic Woods add depth and dimension for an intriguing yet mesmerising finish."

"Majestic Woods" is both the name of the perfume and that of the "secret" accord. It is of course code name for some artful imitation of natural oud. Some prefer to add the word "oud" without "fake" or "accord" next to it. Others decide it's best to take the high road and assure you that no matter what, they understand you want to smell palatial.

For Juicy Couture, it almost looks like re-branding.

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