The Fifth Sense in the News: Olfactory Movies Coming Soon To Your Home

By the end of the year 2006, the French might be able to both view and smell olfactory movies at home thanks to a technology developed by AC2i. Michel Pozzo and his team are working on a small-sized scent diffuser operated with batteries and rechargeable batteries that will be able to diffuse scents controlled by codes from a DVD. To each scent would correspond a different code. These codes would be read by the diffuser through the Wi-Fi. This diffuser will cost approximately 120 Euros.

Since April 22, 2006, the Japanese are able to watch the last Terrence Malick movie, The New World, in special movie theaters equiped with globes underneath their seats mixing different scents based on 6 essential oils. The scents' compositions are downloaded from NTT Communication's servers to a local server.

In July of 2005, ScentAir had already been able to perfume the air with chocolate at the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Source: "Le cinéma se met au parfum" dated April 24, 2006, by Hélène Puel at

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