Fragrance News: Major Fragrance Launch of Nina by Nina Ricci (updated)


Nina Ricci will launch a new women's fragrance this summer called Nina. The fragrance is touted as the brand's single most important release in 10 years. 

Nina was composed by noses Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich with the Asian consumer in mind. The brand hopes to strengthen its position in the international fragrance market and in particular in Asia.

"Notes include lemon, apple, peony and praline over a base of apple wood and white cedar and musk. The juice comes in a raspberry-pink tinted apple-shaped glass bottle topped with silver leaves around the cap, designed by French agency LOVE. "

(updated 5/31/2006) Escentual offers a pic of the flacon as well as a more detailed description of the notes: "TOP NOTES: Calabrese Lemon and Lime Caipirinha. MIDDLE NOTES: Red Toffee Apple, Vanilla Infusion, Moonflower and Peony Petals. BASE NOTES: Apple Tree Wood, Cotton Musk and White Cedar."

The fragrance will be introduced in France in July and will roll out to international markets in September and the US in 2007. Nina will be distributed in edt concentration: 30ml for 29 Euros, 50 ml for 45 Euros, and 80 ml for 55 Euros.

Sources:  Article by Oonagh Phillips for Cosmetic News, 30 May 2006, Escentual, and WWD 10 June 2006.

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  1. Can I ask a stupid question? How many Nina fragrances do they expect to have?

    One more question: Why not re-issue the classic NR fragrances like Capricci, Coeur Joie and Fille D'Eve (which was bottled in an apple shaped Lalique bottle, remember?). I could get excited about that.


  2. I would love to see a re-edition of Capricci (the only one I have experienced amongst the ones you mention). Actually, getting to know all of these would be great.

    I think that perfume industry people are under pressure to create the next big thing in perfumery. At the same time, they are afraid to take too many risks, hence the tendency to stick to familiar references. It makes me think of the way the movie industry works.We'll see if Nina is truly innovative or if it only projects the idea of newness.

    I find it an interesting move that they want to produce for the Asian market in priority, to the point of trying to adhere to Asian tastes.

  3. I just hope the flakon which is a "apple-shaped glass bottle" does not imply any relatedness to DKNY's be deliscious scent.
    An interesting point is the focus on the Asian market and the Asian test. hmmm ....wonder what part of asia they are addressing (Japan, China, Corea...)

  4. I bet they're eyeing China, everybody is:) Nina is a good name for the Chinese market in particular because there are lots of disyllabic words in Chinese -- But they probably want to cover as much of Asia as they can:)

    Now, I'll have to try to understand what they mean by "Asian taste". I have some idea about that, but would need more data to narrow it down.

  5. Didn't they have Nina scent already, or am I nuts? :-)
    Praline worries me. As well as peony. Also, I don't remember liking anything that came in a pink- (or raspberry-) tinted bottle :-) Apart from Fifi Chachnil, that is.

  6. Yes, they do have a Nina scent already, issued in 1987 -- the bottle is not apple-shaped though, that is how we will be able to tell them apart:)

    Just found a pic of the new Nina apple bottle, I will put it up.

  7. I like this apple flakon much better!

  8. Me too. It is a more sophisticated version of the Be Delicious flacon. I like the fact that they have decided to use silver leaves rather than gold ones -- it's a nice contrast.

    Dear Andy, I received your package last weekend -- I haven't opened it yet because I want to be in the right state of mind to concentrate on your perfumes. There are too many distractions going on right now and I insist on approaching them with a "virgin mind!"

  9. I must be weird because I like the Nina bottle better and it's not even my favorite bottle--too fussy, ya, but atleast it's weird.

    I like the original Nina the perfume, too, even though it's on the powdery side. They couldn't just go with "Nina 2"?

  10. You mean, you prefer the Nina bottle over the Be Delicious bottle or the contrary?

  11. I prefer the Nina bottle over the new Nina bottle AND I prefer the Be Delicious bottle over the new Nina bottle. The new apple flacon does nothing for me. It looks like something catered to the Neiman Marcus crowd.

  12. You have a point there...I seldom go to Neiman Marcus, so it wouldn't get on my nerves that quickly, but I see what you mean.

  13. it smell so good ! sorry if i don't speak very well, i'm french so... scuse me !


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