Fragrant Shopping: Flower-Scented Syrups by Monin

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The house of Monin, world-famous for its high quality flavored syrups and extensive selection, of sometimes, unusual fragrances for the palate such as pistachio or roasted chestnut syrups, has developed a line of gourmet syrups composed of flower scents called Le Bouquet de Monin. Pushing the limits of our gustative habits and inviting us to taste what flowers smell like, Monin offers us a selection of four, apparently, delectable fragrances for us to pour in our drinks or use in our food; they are, violet syrup, jasmine syrup, rose syrup, and finally, lavender syrup. An elder flower syrup is also available in France but doesn't appear to be marketed in the US.


Monin is responding to a popular contemporary trend in cuisine which makes use of edible flowers. Their site proposes recipes to make use of the flowery scents, such as violet milk shake or mozarella marinated in violet syrup, a shrimp and salmon quiche with Monin rose, a lavender Martini, or simply a hot jasmine tea. I, personally, would be tempted to use them in sorbet recipes.

 Recipes for Le Bouquet de Monin

The syrups can be purchased in the United States for $5.38 at Eurocafé Imports LLC

Photos are from the Monin website 

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  1. What a great lead! Rose syrup is often to be found at middle eastern groceries,(so good in lemonade) but the lavender, jasmine and violet sound like the stuff of my dreams. And Monin really makes good syrups!


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