My Perfume Desires of the Week: Brosseau, Demeter, Malle

This week I have had too many perfume desires to include all of them here; it would be bothersome both to list and to read. So I have selected a few that I would like to try in the near future and that I did not mention yet on this blog. None of these are making me lose sleep over them, but they do excite my curiosity. You will perhaps notice that they share a common trait in that they all promise to smell somewhat a little singular.


Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs d'Ombre Violette-Menthe & Fruit de Bois for Women

violettementhe.jpg I am very much attracted to the combination of violet and mint in the first one; it promises to be an interesting violet. The name Fruit de bois attracts me because I love woods and it is yet another interesting contrast of  notes. 

(I have added a review of Violette-Menthe





Demeter Lobster 

In the wake of Eau de Stilton I have tried to locate other difficult-to-wear scents in the foody category and have happened on this one. There is also a sushi cologne but I find the Eau de Lobster to be potentially more challenging to the nose and therefore more worthy of a test. Notes are the sea, sweetmeat, drawn butter... just writing this made me feel hungry. Of course, I am not actually desiring it as a perfume.


Frédéric Malle En Passant & Fleur de Cassie 


En Passant because everybody is swooning over it and Fleur de Cassie because many people find it offensive. Editions de Parfums cautions patrons that FdC is for the "Connoisseur" which might be a delicate way to say that it smells borderline bad. So I guess it will help you assess your olfactory limits and know yourself better.

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  1. Be careful with En Passant -you may very well lose sleep over it if all you have is a sample. It is truly stunning, an you will want several liters of it. My precious sample cannot last forever, and when it's finally gone I will be like an addict craving my drug. (I am not really wearing it - just taking it out once in a while and putting it on one wrist, and swooning.)

  2. Flora,

    You are making this sound even more intriguing! I have to go to their store and try it.

    I love Giacobetti; she is so original.

  3. I will be interested in your reaction to En Passant. I think it is a miracle of a fragrance; at the same time it makes me deeply sad, for reasons I have never quite sorted out. Other people find it cheering, though.

  4. You are motivating me even further:)

    I will be very interested to smell it; the only fragrance that has a depressing effect on me is Sublime by Patou.

    We should maybe round up all these powerful elixirs to try to understand how it works.

  5. Lobster??? I am... wow, that's got to be up there with the most deeply weirdest sources of inspiration EVER. How peculiar. I'm almost curious about it myself... almost. A serious shellfish allergy has put me off from the smell of them, so they usually smell like danger to me rather than like, uh, food. ;)

  6. The sky is the limit:)

    I feel compelled to test it at some point, just out of intellectual curiosity.

    It might be the only safe way for you to smell lobster again;)


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