The Fifth Sense in the News: Perfumed Oxygen Cans will be On Sale in Seven-Elevens In Japan


Convenience chain operator Seven-Eleven Japan Co. said Thursday it will start marketing two types of canned oxygen designed to help consumers alleviate or soften fatigue and stress.
The 3.2-liter canned supplements, named O2 Supli, provide an oxygen density ratio of 95 percent in relation to the container's volume, the company said.

Oxygen inside the container is sprayed into a transparent plastic mask which is initially attached to the can as its cap. Users wear the mask, whose other end is inserted into the spray's nozzle.
The canned oxygen products, developed with household products manufacturer Hakugen Co., will help refresh users, especially when they are driving automobiles or working at offices, the company said.

The products will be offered in two types with one carrying ''aroma'' sheets soaked with peppermint essential oil, and the other with grapefruit essential oil. The sheets are to be put near the nozzle to convey their fragrances to oxygen.

Both products will sell for 600 yen apiece. Seven-Eleven said it will put the products on store shelves in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa on May 23 with their marketing areas to be expanded to all stores in the country on June

Article: Kyodo News, 11 May 2006 

Photo is from Healthoxygen 

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  1. Will wonders never cease? I could have used one of those when I rode the NYC subways back in the day.


  2. A vision of the future already made part of the present. And no, wonders will never cease, see the latest post:)

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. Can I get that in the US? Seriously, I want to order it.

  4. Hi Sam,

    Yes, you can get it in the US. If you go back to the post you will see a link that says Healthoxigen. This is where you can find them.

    Let us know what you think of them:)

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