New Perfume: Update: Prada Tendre Available on Amazon & Sephora


I had previously posted that Prada Tendre would be first released in Asia in June, as announced by Cosmetic News. It is in fact available from the Devil Wears Prada Store on Amazon as well as Sephora as part of a set. However, it is currently out-of-stock on Sephora! The set includes "a 1.7 oz Prada Eau de Parfum Tendre, 0.2 oz Prada Eau de Parfum, 0.2 oz Prada Eau de Parfum Intense, and a 0.2 oz Prada Eau de Parfum Tendre in a Prada signature gift box." The set retails for $65.

Notes include Italian Bergamot Oil, Orange Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schinus Molle ABS LMR, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoide LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Sandalwood Oil.

Here's a link to the product on Amazon:
Prada The Devil Wears Prada Tendre Set

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  1. I think it's back in stock on Sephora. I ordered it yesterday.

  2. Kempeke,

    Thanks for the info. What do you think of it? Did you buy unsniffed? I wonder how different it is from the original which I find quite strong.

    Mimi Froufrou

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