New Perfumes: Prada Tender by Prada, My Experience with Prada, Cindy Crawford Summer Day



•A light version of  the Prada edp called Prada Tender or Tendre is going to be released in June in Asia. Prada Tender was initially created for the Asian market as Prada is popular amongst the feminine clientele there, with the reservation that they find it to be too strong. It will roll out to international markets by the end of 2006....(Updated).....

I also love Prada but cannot withstand the intensity of its drydown, so I am glad Puig is attempting to enlarge its consumer base. This is coming from someone who appreciates a deep, assertive dry-down. The one and only time I wore Prada it was love at first sniff, then later, no soaps were powerful enough to help me get rid of it. It felt like it was on its way to conquering the world and that meanwhile I was going to be its first victim and succumb to asphyxia. It is that potent.

Interestingly enough, the release of this scent points to the same trend as illustrated by the creation of Nina by Nina Ricci which was designed also as a perfume primarily destined for Asian consummers. We can also see another recent example of this same trend with the announcement of the launch of Kenzo Amour. Although it will be released worldwide, it also primarily develops an Asian theme as tells the story of a couple travelling through Asia and refers to Asian aromas.


•Cindy Crawford has released a new summer scent called Summer Day. It is described on her website as "... an optimistic and unique fragrance with top notes of lushly tropical watermelon, kiwi, papaya and pomegranate. It is brightened with a zesty hit of Japanese yuzu that has a distinctive, energizing citrusy sparkle. The heart of the fragrance is a radiant floral bouquet of delicate lily of the valley, gorgeous syringa, exotic hibiscus and golden sundust orchid. There is also a hint of the buddleia with its longclusters of violet flowers that exude a subtle aroma of vanilla. Summer Day finishes with a luminous veil of elegant white woods including cedar, amyris and a sheer note of amber that contributes an alluring warmth."

Unfortunately, the website does not provide any information about retail points. A Google search retrieved nothing.

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  1. Hi....can someone please help me find Cindy Crawfords perfume??? Summer day from 2006. I can´t find it anywhere and it was the best perfume i´ve had in my me

    Rose-Marie Karlsson

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