New Perfumes: 09h25, 15h10, & 20h50 by Irie Wash


Japanese designer Irie Wash has created a series of three unisex fragrances that are meant to be the expressions of three different times of the day, that is, 09h25, 15h10, and 20h50. The times were arbitrarily chosen and they are to be seen as "three different chronicles of time". Calabrian lemon is the one note that links all three perfumes.

09h25 is meant to evoke "the time of departure, an appointment, a movement towards the sun." Top notes are Calabrian lemon, Brazilian orange, bergamot. Middle notes are green tea, Chinese mint, star anise, neroli. Base notes are Atlas blue cedar, Mysore sandalwood, Indian tea.

15h10 illustrates "the wrist, the nape of the neck, drop by drop, in the light." Top notes are Calabrian lemon, red mandarine, guava. Middle notes are lemon tree blossom, mandarine blossom, neroli. Base notes are African lemon, Virginian cedar, Australian sandalwood.

20h50 is described as evoking "later, closer, elsewhere, under the lemon trees." Top notes are Calabrian lemon, grapefruit peel, petitgrain bigaradier, Haitian sweet lime. Middle notes are Provençal white thyme, lemon tree blossom, jasmine sambac. Base notes are Javanese vetiver, cedar wood, heliotrope blossom.

The fragrances come in sets of either 3 travel size bottles of 25 ml of the same perfume or of all three different perfumes. A set retails for 48 Euros. More information can be found on Irie Wash's website.

Photo source: Osmoz 

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