Fragrance News: Chypre Rouge, Mandarine Mandarin, & Article on Serge Lutens


•Biba published a picture of the upcoming Mandarine Mandarin.

•Chypre Rouge is now available at the Salons du Palais Royal. It will be available in the United-States in mid-August at Barney's. Aedes will have it too sometime between mid-August and the end of August.

•There is a 6-page interview of Serge Lutens in the French art magazine L'oeil of July-August 2006.

See newly added review of Chypre Rouge 

Sources: Autour de Serge and Salons Shiseido.

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  1. August? Races to calendar to shade in all of middle of August in red. Yay! And a 6 page interview? Simultaneously delighted and anguished - anguished since my French is undoubtedly not good enough to understand it all. Off to check what courses promise the greatest speed in mastering French.

  2. Wow! That's some good news! Thanks! :)

  3. Elle,

    You indeed sound like you are a very happy woman:) If I can get hold of this article I'll offer a digest of it.

  4. Ina,

    You're welcome:)

  5. Cannot WAIT to try Chypre Rouge... got to get busy nagging Patty to call her best guys and score a sniff;-)

  6. The woman I talked to said that they would not ship Chypre Rouge within Europe because it does not belong to the exclusive line. The avant-première at the store is a special promotion.

  7. I'm eager for a sniff, but the caramelised pecans make me wonder- why red? and why chypre???

    chaya ruchama
  8. Chaya,

    I think the red refers to a red moss that Serge Lutens had a vision of or saw when he was a child. Chypre Rouge then probably follows this threadline since oakmoss is a basic component of chypre perfumes. This classic composition usually rests upon a contrast between top notes of bergamot or a cologney accord and base notes of oakmoss, labdanum, and patchouli.


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