New Perfumes: Ivy, Violet, & Amber by Marc Jacobs

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Following the success of the launch in April of their retro-looking Splash line bottled in 10 oz flacons, Rain, Grass, and Cotton, Marc Jacobs is going to release a new trio of fragrances this fall that will include Ivy, Violet, and Amber.

As stated by Marc Jacobs at the time of the introduction of the first Splash line, "I always liked the concept of a fragrance someone could wear without it being too precious. I was trying to move away from the concept that fragrance is only meant to sit on a shelf and be dotted on the wrist, sparingly, for special occasions. Everything about Splash is meant to be more casual or lighthearted: the scents, the colors, the big bottle with its oversize proportions. All three scents are things that always smell good to me. They aren't ‘occasion' scents — they are meant to invite you to use as much as possible, whenever you like." ...

"Ivy has top notes of sparkling nutmeg, cardamom and mandarin; a heart of cool candy cane accord and fresh orris, and a drydown of warm suede, tonka bean, vetiver and sandalwood. Its juice is tinted pale green. Violet's top notes are of sparkling bergamot and peony; its heart is of delicate violet, orchid, orris and creamy cashmere accord, and its drydown is of cedarwood, vanilla, musk and gingerbread. Its juice is tinted a pale lavender. Amber has top notes of crystallized ginger and star anise; a heart of cassia bark, ancient amber and elegant lys, and a drydown of tonka bean, cashmere wood and benzoin. Its juice is tinted a pale golden tone. All scents are intended to be unisex."

I personally find their line very pleasant and especially enjoy the big, hefty bottles. They look both good on a dresser and are pleasurable to hold. The scents smell good too, being light and rather subtle and are good choices for the summer.

Ivy and Violet were formulated by Firmenich, and Amber was concocted by Quest. Each 10-oz. bottle will retail for $65.

Source: Women's Wear Daily

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  1. Thank you! Very curious about the Amber. Haven't been impressed with the first trio but this sounds like it has more potential.

  2. Ina,

    You're welcome. My recollection is that they smelled clean and fresh. Love the bottles.

    Let's see how much more depth MJ will add to the fall/winter collection. They are still supposed to be laid-back fragrances, not signature scents.

  3. Amber is WONDERFUL! I highly recommend you try it, walk around, then smell. You'll love it. Everytime I wear it my boyfriend smells my neck and says, "Mmmmm, what is that?" I wish Marc would come up with parfum and body lotion in Amber. Can't get enough of the splash to last!


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