Fragrance News: Collector Paris by Yves Saint Laurent (Updated)

Paris Collector.jpg YSL is also releasing a limited Fireworks Collector Edition of Paris all dressed up in luxurious black and gold. It will retail for 49.60 Euros and will be available in travel retail from September 1 2006. This flacon will grace any vanity table, I think. This jus is, by the way, one of the best rose scents on the market. It smells like spring and summer in Paris even if you wear it in the autumn and winter.

Update: It is now available at Nordstrom for $67.50. 


Source: The Moodie Report 

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  1. Lovely flacon-

    I will have to smell this one [although I certainly have a plethora of rose scents in their various incarnations].

    A bientot!

  2. And, may I add, that Paris is not only a rose fragrance, it blends the violet with the rose seamlessly.

    What great bottles, huh? I loved Opium, too, but alas, it never loved me. It just smelled like cooked cabbage on my skin. But Paris, and actually the rest of YSL's fragrances, all smell great on me.


  3. Chaya,

    The bottle is great, as is the juice in it.

  4. R,

    I hope the summer versions of Opium work for you.


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