Fragrance News: Opium Collector Edition & Opium Collector Powder for Eyes & Complexion

Opium Collector.jpg Yves Saint Laurent is releasing a limited Collector Edition of Opium bottled in a gorgeous black Oriental lacquer type flacon and adorned with a lotus cloisonné motif said to be a symbol of "purity and splendour". It is accompanied this time by an Opium Collector Powder for Eyes & Complexion. The shades are, "...imperial purple, pearly white, jade green and golden beige. These have been assembled to form the petals and leaves of a lotus flower. They can be used alone or together, on the eyes or face." It is the first time that YSL issues a compact powder together with a perfume.

The perfume will retail for €52.70 and the compact for €43.20. This limited collector edition will be available in travel retail from September 1 2006.

Source: The Moodie Report 

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  1. In travel retail only? I hope discount sites get that bottle, too! If not, here's another reason I should go to Europe this year. Adore the bottle!

  2. Ina,

    The bottle is something. I'd love to try their powder as well. Let's hope discount sites will recover all their unsold items due to the new security guidelines...although, I'd prefer to fly safe and pick up a bottle at an airport.

  3. I want that bottle! So very pretty!

    Christina H.
  4. Hi there ! I love the scented salamander! as well as my beloved Opium.! I would love this beautiful collector bottlr as well as the powder. By the way, what's the story with duty free ?
    Have a lovely scented day !
    Madelyn E

    Madelyn E
  5. Hi Christina,

    I am sure it will make the juice smell even more interesting. Oh, the drama of lifting that bottle and spritzing a deeply seductive scent with it. Very femme fatale...I see Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express wielding that flacon like a weapon.

  6. Hi there Madelyn,

    Thanks so much. I've got to check the news and will update the info.


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