Fragrance News: Part II of Nez à Nez Overview & Giveaway

I will post my part II of the overview of Nez à Nez fragrances soon and will offer 2 samples to the lucky winner of a draw. One will be Ambre à Sade and the other one you can choose (except maybe for Atelier D'Artiste.....OK, if you insist I'll spare a few drops:)). Don't forget to check my own overview part I here.

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  1. Please enter me!
    I'd be thrilled-

  2. Moi aussi, moi aussi, s'il te plait!

  3. Chaya,

    You're in!

  4. Dusan,

    Pas de problème!

  5. Am I supposed to sign up here for the drawing? Please enter me.

    What a great interview. Thanks so much, H!


  6. R,

    I give up, LOL! I wanted the folks from Nez à Nez to find the commments regrouped under their interview, but I guess they can scroll up:)

    You're entered!

  7. They all sound so ... weird. Please enter me in the drawing.

  8. That's a good reason for trying them;)

  9. That's a good reason for trying them:)

  10. All of these sound very odd, but possibly very fun. I'm particularly intrigued by Atelier d'Artiste (sorry Mimi) :)

    Please enter me in the draw! BTW, I never got the Chypre Rouge sample I won a few weeks ago. Still dying of curiosity!

  11. Twibbet,

    I sent CR last week so it should get to you pretty soon.

    Good choice:) If you win, I'll give you some of my Atelier.

    You're in.

  12. I got the CR! And...I really like it! Drat. It smells exactly like pecans coated in sugar and black pepper, with a wonderful dry fruity undertone. My husband goes mmmm every time he smells it.


  13. Hi Twibbet,

    I am glad you like it. I find it to be both original and very wearable.


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