Fragrance News: The Portieux Flacon for M.A. Sillage de la Reine by Château de Versailles


After having puzzled over the simplicity of the prestige Baccarat edition, here is the Portieux crystal edition for M.A. Sillage de la Reine. I think that it is beautiful and wittier, if I may say so, than the Baccarat flacon. 1000 copies of it will be released in September 2006. You can already reserve a flacon through the Château de Versailles' website. This flacon or rather phial is inspired by objects having belonged to Marie-Antoinette, such as the bottles found in her travel case. It was created by Magali Sénéquier and Jerôme Dinand.The perfume box is covered with a grey pearl satin in reference to materials used in the 18th century and decorated with Marie-Antoinette's monogram traced in fine gold...

You can also find a picture of the prestige Baccarat edition here. According to the Château de Versailles, the Baccarat flacon is based upon a creation by Van Day Truex for Baccarat from 1974 called the "Dionysos Carafe". It was selected because of its atemporal character. The monogram is originally to be found in Marie Antoinette's boudoir at the Petit Trianon, a room famous for its moving mirror pannels. The bottle is sealed using the technique of "baudruchage" that is, the use of a humidified skin usually tightened around the neck of the bottle with a gold thread in order to prevent evaporation.

All the proceeds of the sales will go towards the financing of the purchase of Marie Antoinette's travel chest, a masterpiece of 18th century cabinet-making by Jean-Henri Riesener. 

The juice itself was recreated by nose Francis Kurkdjian using 100 % natural ingredients and is described as "...a perfume with a sillage, elegant and light like the breeze blowing on a light dress. The queen's olfactory preferences have been assembled like a bouquet of confidences." The queen reportedly loved perfumes with a strong sillage. Other sources say she loved light perfumes, so perhaps this is a perfume of contrasts. It is described as presenting intense notes of rose and iris further chiseled by the jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossom. Refined touches of cedarwood and sandalwood shape the floral notes. This bouquet is said to sparkle thanks to base notes of exceptional quality, Tonkin musk and ambergris.

Source: Press release

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  1. I agree with you, H. This presentation is quite beautiful, and to be honest, I like it so much better than the Baccarat edition.


  2. Oooohhh!

  3. Hmmm. I am not sure about that black cap. Don't you find it a little minimalist-looking? How I would love to smell the juice, though!

  4. March,

    Hmmmm, I think I'm unruffled by the black cap. It is in principle less elegant than the crystal but it also adds a touch of modernity that, I think, mixes well with the rest of the design. With a crystal cap, it might have looked too pretty and precious, while here I think it looks beautiful.


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