Scented Quote of the Day, from Dominique Ropion:



"I for one love perfumes that unveil themselves, that one does not understand immediately; but what is truly moving, what everyone is seeking, is that scent which is closest to skin. The reality of sensuality. "


Note: Dominique Ropion is the author, among others, of Givenchy Ysatis, Ralph Lauren Safari for Women, Kenzo Jungle Elephant, Caron Aimez-Moi, Malle Une fleur de Cassie and Malle Vétiver Extraordinaire. 

Photo is from Parfums & Arômes 

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  1. What an unusual commentary from one who creates many fragrances with powerful sillage and theatricality, even...

    What do you think, Helene?

  2. I like his thinking.

    Christina H.
  3. Chaya,

    I think that it makes sense. If you think of it, it could mean for him also that this much sought out scent that is closest to that of the skin is the one a person discovers towards the end, in the drydown. So, it's consistent with his preference for scents that unveil themselves gradually; the best part, the most ideal part is at the end. This is one possible extension of what he means more generally. So the sillage, paradoxically, could be a veil. But you're right to point out that perfumes with sillages are usually not perceived as mysterious, ambiguous. I think that this ideal of a scent that is closest to skin may be an ideal and could mean many complex things. It could be yours, that of the loved one, of a child, a dream of a skin scent, the remembrance of a past love etc.

  4. Christina,

    Chaya's question has made me realize the complexity of what he might mean by these words.


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