Beauty Notes: New Davi Skincare Line from the Modavi Winemaking Family



A new men's and women's skincare line called Davi will debut at Bergdof Goodman this fall and will remain exclusive to the store for a period of 6 months. The skincare products were developed by the Modavi winemaking family of Napa Valley, California and is packed with anti-oxydants naturally found in fermented grape extracts...

"the prestige skincare line has been built around an anti-aging antioxidant complex in a microencapsulated form called Meritage, developed by a laboratory based in Lyons, France. The complex is a mixture of “extremely high levels of anti-oxidants” that include, in addition to grape leaf and fermented wine extracts, grape and green tea as well as bilberry, black currant oils, olive, raspberry, rosemary and soybean.

Davi’s star product is the anti-aging face cream Le Grand Cru (French for exceptional wine growing zones), priced at $175 for the 60ml pot of both the men’s and women’s versions. The remaining products in the feminine line are a Vine Fresh SPF30 lotion ($48.50), the Moscato Purifying Cleanser ($38.50) and a Harvest Mist Toner ($38.50).

In addition to the Le Grand Cru, the Davi men’s line includes a Vine Fresh lotion with an SPF15 as well a Crushed Grape Seed Exfoliating Cleanser, a Reserve Shave Cream and a Coastal Vine After Shave, all with the same price points".

The use of the by-products of grape in skincare beauty was popularized by a French brand also developed by a winemaking family in France years ago.

Source: Cosmetics International

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