Fragrance News: 5 New Demeter Perfumes for This Fall


Briefly, Demeter will issue five brand new fragrances this fall between September and October 2006: Demeter Baby Powder, Fierry Curry, Red Head in Bed (hmmm, how is that suppose to smell? I hope it's not an allusion to anything I shouldn't be mentioning here), Ginger Cookie, and Barrier Reef.

Now that picture is suggesting to me a variation on Demeter Baby Powder... how about Demeter Vintage Baby Powder in 1955 with Rusted Tin & Old Paper in 2007? (this is an indirect homage paid to Christopher Brosius) Oh, the possibilities! It's endless, simply endless my friends.

A 1 oz. eau de toilette retails for $19. 

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  1. Speak of the devil! I *just* was talking to my husband yesterday about powdery perfumes and told him that if Johnson's came out with a perfume of their baby powder, I'd buy it immediately.I would buy it in lightning speed if they put it in such a nostalgic container as the one you show!

  2. That's great! I hope you'll like it. Demeter could certainly work on their packagings if they wanted to reinforce the originality of their line.


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