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The latest fragrance by Miller Harris, L'Air de Rien, was just recently launched in London. The nose behind the perfume is Lyn Harris. The new fragrance is dedicated to British actress Jane Birkin who is also French by adoption. We love the comments Birkin makes around her perfume and so we're reproducing them here from Vogue UK:...

"Birkin was in London for the launch of the new scent she has created with Miller Harris, L'air de Rien, and says she had the idea for it when she was at her brother Andrew's house in Wales experimenting with a perfume lab he had created for his forthcoming film, Perfume. "I have never liked perfumes," she says. "I have always preferred to carry pot pourri in my pocket. It was an interesting exercise in finding out what you don't like. All the things usually associated with heady, dark-haired women like hyacinth, tuberose and lily-of-the-valley made me vomit when they were enclosed in a bottle so this one is much more me � I wanted a little of my brother's hair, my father's pipe, floor polish, empty chest of drawers, old forgotten houses."You can read the rest of the article here

Miller Harris also describes the fragrance on their website saying,  "L'air de rien is a sensual translation of Jane Birkin's fascinating life. It is an exquisite oriental fragrance of amber, vanilla, neroli, oak moss and musks. Jane's intention was for the scent to reflect herself and her passions, an earthy fragrance to be worn simply, like a veil over one's body, hence the name L'air de rien."

The eau de parfum spray retails for 75 Pounds. 

Sources: Vogue UK, Miller Harris

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  1. A perfume from a person who doesn't like perfumes? And, well, this heady dark haired woman says "non" to giving her my money for this one!!

  2. Helene-
    Out of love and admiration for Jane, I will need to smell this.
    I'm nothing, if not loyal...

    Hope you're well !

  3. Well I'm glad to hear that the hair, the pipe, the floor polish and the old forgotten house are not the notes! :)


  4. Oh, Vi... be a sport...

    That might make for an interesting olfactory experience !

    [only gently teasing, lady of exquisite taste...]

  5. A,

    I like Birkin's quirkiness and I also like Lyn Harris' work so I'll have to test the new perfume. Let's hope for the best and pray that brunettes can wear Birkin's perfume as well.

  6. Hi Chaya,

    I'm well, thank you, and as I said above there are two good reasons for me to try the new scent.

    Hope you're well too.

  7. Hi R,

    I must say the mention of these very atmospheric notes rather turned me on but it's true that it does sound funny from a comic standpoint.

  8. Chaya,

    I was struck by how she seemed to be particularly nostalgic about the masculine side of her family or did I read too quickly?

  9. Oh, no, Helene- you were spot on...

  10. It sounds very interesting... I really like the concept of "non-perfumey perfumes" and I don't like those florals much either... Pity the notes listed aren't as exciting as her description, but they'll do, I am an amber fan.

  11. Solander,

    I know now how Lyn Harris truly is capable of creating exquisite scents. Since that word was used in the article, I am hopeful it will prove to be a good one.

  12. I've been wearing L'Air de Rien for a few weeks now, alternating with Frederic Malle's Dans Tes Bras. I find it absolutely beautiful, intriguing, more unusual than the other Miller Harris scents I've tried. I'm not an expert, just a lover of scents, and it reminds me of going to the seaside in autumn, getting rained on, having a cup of tea at a 1950s cafe and cutting back the garden for winter. Does that help?


    • Lovely!

      Chant Wagner

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