Fragrance News + Some Notes: Eau de Marmalade by Duerr's


Duerr, the British manufacturer of jams and marmalades has created an Eau de Marmalade based on one of their recipes using Seville oranges to celebrate their 125th anniversary. The new cologne, if issued, will combine notes of Seville oranges, spicy cinnamon, and Irwell water from the river near Manchester.

As Marketing director Richard Duerr explains, “One of our orange suppliers in Seville, Destilaciones Bordan, also makes perfume oils and so we thought it would be a good idea to have a go”. Orange oil is used quite extensively as a scent in Spanish perfumes so we decided to make our own but with bitter orange as the main scent with a drop of water from the Irwell.”...

Makers of specialty foods or drinks have lately taken to creating wearable scents based on their cognac, gin, wines, blue Stilton, and now marmalade. I find it interesting because it blurs a traditional distinction that was established between the sister categories of smell and taste. My personal favorite in this category is Botrytis. I would be very amenable to wearing an orange marmalade scent especially if it's a dark one like Duerr's Coarse Cut 1881 Seville Orange Marmalade with muscovado. Hermès and Serge Lutens have also, interestingly enough, just released scents based on a gourmand orange note, Elixir des Merveilles and Mandarine-Mandarin. Do we see a trend here? Previously issued chocolate perfumes have also usually made use of an orange note to balance out the sweetness of chocolate.

The scent, if released, will retail for around 25 Pounds during a limited period of six months. You can watch a video showing the reactions of people on the street to the new fragrance here.

Source: The Moodie Report

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  1. Just so long as the scent is not too sugared, I think it could be absolutely scrumptious to wear on chilly rainy winter days. Nice price point too.

    Lisa S
  2. Everything sounded luscious, until you got to "Manchester water"...I'm hysterical at the thought of it...

  3. My mouth is watering. I love orange scents, and this one sounds WONDERFUL.

  4. First the cheesemakers, and now the marmalade purveyors jump into the perfume game. Any guesses as to who's next from the food industry?

    The thing is, this does sound rather lovely, no? Aside from the river water, which is just giggly.


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