Fragrance News: Stick Scents Home Fragrances Will Hit Drugstore Chains (with New Holiday Scents)



Beauty Bureau’s founder, Maryann Mihalopoulos first created Xçla Aromasticks, a line of home fragrance reed diffusers after a trip she made to Greece in 2001. Seeing the opportunity of bringing her more upscale home fragrances to the mass market, Mihalopoulos introduced Stick Scents in October of 2005 with a suggested retail price point of $24.99 for an 8oz. reed diffuser. The quality of the essential oils remains the same but the packaging is less expensive...

Stick Scents™ will now launch with 3 holiday oriented fragrances – Candy Cane, Winter Forest and Holiday Spice – as well as a selection of their 6 everyday fragrances, available at the following big box chains on November 1, 2006:

  • Brooks/Eckerd (Drug Stores East of the Mississippi – 1,300 stores)
  • Bi-Lo (Carolinas, Alabama – 300 stores)
  • AAFES (Army Air-Force Exchange – (150 AAFES locations worldwide)
  • Big Y Grocery (East Coast Grocery Chain - 34 stores)
  • Kerr Drug (Carolinas – 100 stores)

Borders Book Stores will also be featuring Stick Scents™ in its 500 stores starting in January 2007.

You can also find these reed diffusers on

Source: Business Wire


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