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Lithuanian designer Juozas Statkevicius has an eponymous fragrance called Juozas Statkevicius. You can find more information (in Lithuanian) on their website. The perfume was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin who is also the author of Eruption (with Gerit Van Logchen) and Hermès L'Eau Délicate Calèche. You can read his interview here (in French).


Here are a few highlights; We learn that Pellegrin loves Oriental perfumes (Féminité du Bois, Opium, Must) and is especially appreciative of Serge Lutens' very personal creations, in particular, of Ambre Sultan and Vetiver Oriental. He confesses that he wished he had created M7 by YSL. Pellegrin also points out that he was most influenced in his work by the olfactory style and creations of Michel Almairac (one of our very own favorite perfumers here at The Scented Salamander as you may have already guessed)...

But back to the jus, the Juozas Statkevicius Eau de Parfum whose face obviously pays homage to Marlene Dietrich in the Blue Angel is a gorgeous ad I must say. I think that even Tom Ford might find it glamourous enough for his taste. This one and the Black Orchid advertisement are the two most gorgeous ads I have seen in a long time. They are both in the tradition of the Golden Age of Hollywood; it's hard to beat that reference.

Fortunately we have an English version of the description of the perfume:

"Incense is at the very heart of this composition. It embodies contrasts such as shadow and light, past and modernity, simplicity and complexity, power and softness. These paradoxes make it one of the most difficult elements to master in perfume creation, as the perfect harmony can only be reached with infinitely subtle balances.

By creating a precious case of white jasmine, patchouli, and coriander around the incense, Fabrice Pellegrin allowed it to reveal its true beauty, without appearing too dark, too dense or too austere. Vanilla, Benjoin, and Muscs also contribute, thanks to their lusciousness and modernity, to tame the incense and let it fully express its ambery and warm notes.

Cashmere wood and coriander bring a noble character and subtly enhance this indulgent and unique combination, for an intense, authentic and lasting impression

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