Review of Cicamosa Repairing Emulsion by Lutsine {Beauty Notes}


Ever wanted to speed up the healing process after you got a scratch, a small wound, or acne spot on your face (or elsewhere for that matter) to get your even complexion back faster than mother nature initially intended for you?....

I can only warmly recommend you use Cicamosa by Lutsine. This cream was recommended to me several years ago by a dermatologist in Paris and it just works. You will see by yourself how scars fade away much more quickly and visibly. You can use it on blemishes as well as on small cuts on your hands for example.

I cut my finger last night and looking at the still gaping wound this morning I decided to put on some Cicamosa. Within seconds the cut nearly closed.

The active ingredient used here is Mimosa tenuiflora which is traditionally used to treat wounds and burns.

As advertised, Cicamosa is a repairing emulsion for the tissues. It "Stimulates cellular renewal and fights against germ proliferation. Perfume free. Indications: repairs tissues in case of skin alterations or superficial wounds. Advice for use: apply twice a day to perfectly clean skin, until complete penetration".

This one belongs to my list of effective creams and I feel it to be a beauty staple.



You can purchase Cicamosa online $9.96 for a 15 ml tube and $14.15 for a 30 ml one.

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,

    After finally i find the cream that i was looking for on the internet i have got difficulty to open an account with this page to order it, could u possibly help me in this matter!
    Many thanks

    Elena Trovatori

  2. Dear sir or madam,

    I have purchase a cicamosa cream approximately 2 weeks a go i have paid for it but unfurtunatley have not received it. i would like to know have dispatch the item yet or not? or when should i expect a delivery? Could you please let me know as soon as possible.

    Best Regards
    Elena Trovatori

  3. dear Sir or madam,

    I have purchase a cicamosa cream approximatley 2 weeks ago but i have not received it yet! i am wondering have you dispatch this item yet or why is the dely for delivery it? could please let me know how long does takes time (United kindom)
    Best regards
    Elena Trovtori

    Elena Trovatori
  4. Elena,

    I'm sorry but there seems to be a misunderstanding. I do not sell that cream. I just pointed to a place where you can buy it.

    Try contacting them through their website.

  5. Dear Helen,

    Thank you for your advice but when i bought this cream i clicked on your page and direct me to the check out and got me through check out and every thing i have absolutely no idea which page i went the only E-mail address that i have is the vitago can i ask then for some advice? is it possible that they might be able to help me?!


  6. I live in germany.
    How can I buy this product from your website?

    • I think it's a good product. We don't sell it.

      Chant Wagner

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