Functional Candy & Gum by Fuwarinka {Fragrant Shopping & Gift Ideas} {Countdown to the Holidays}



The Japanese brand Fuwarinka has taken the classic concept of the fragrant chewing gum to the next level: chewing some gum should not only freshen your mouth, it should do the same job for your whole body....


The phenomenon takes place approximately an hour after chewing the gum, "...the special aroma component is emitted from your skin through the use of the new substances geraniol and linalool". 

This unconventional gum is available in 3 flavors, Fuwarinka fresh citrus, Fuwarinka fruity rose, and they have even created a masculine gum with Otokokaoru rose menthol for men. They are available in candy versions as well.

Wouldn't those make interesting stocking stuffers as well as great conversation pieces?

You can purchase the Fuwarinka gums at Compact Impact $7 for a set of 2 packs (single flavor or mixed pack). There are 9 pieces per pack.


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