The Holiday Favorites Collection by Estée Lauder {Fragrant Shopping & Gift Ideas} {Countdown to the Holidays}



It's that exhilarating time of the year again.To get into the holiday spirit The Scented Salamander is going to go window shopping and bring you some gift ideas. It's always a good idea to shop in advance for the holidays to get the best selection available and reduce your stress levels later on.

This year's limited edition of bejeweled figurative solid perfume compacts by Estée Lauder is a great resource. Some people might think they are a bit kitsch, but what's wrong with Kitsch anyway one may ask?...

The Holiday Favorites Collection comprises five different compacts: a spinning top for Pleasures, a snow globe for Beyond Paradise, a holiday nutcracker for White Linen, a cameo for Youth-Dew, and a holiday wreath for Pure White Linen (sold out since the last time I checked, do be quick if the compacts tickle your fancy).

"Compact closes with a magnetic snap. Arrives beautifully boxed, with a keepsake bag to keep the compact safe".

Each compact retails for $80. To accompany your gift and spark the desire for a new collection, you might want to offer this book too:  

The Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compact Collection 1967-2001

Source: Estée Lauder 


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