Fleur du Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier {New Perfume}

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After launching Le Mâle in 1994, Jean-Paul Gaultier is now ready to introduce a second fragrance in the franchise. The new perfume Fleur du Mâle - a play on the name of Charles Baudelaire's collection of poems, Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) - will retain part of the name as well as the shape of the flacon of Le Mâle but otherwise will be very different. Le Mâle, it is worth noting, represents more than 5% of the European Masculine fragrance market.....


According to Cosmetic News "The scent has retained the fougere note from the original scent, but is developed around a new olfactory story based on the orange blossom, formulated by Takasago’s Francis Kurkdjian. It comes in a white signature bust-shaped bottle housed in a white tin. The visual for the advertising campaign, shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, shows a young, smiling man sitting in a bath of white flowers."

The perfume will launch on 10th of March 2007 in the Jean-Paul Gaultier boutiques first and will roll out worldwide in April.

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  1. It's a womans world, and it's a womans fragrance. :)
    And it's tagged as a mens cologne, maybe it's just me, I like fresh fruity fragrances, but this one is totally for women. Good luck with your gender bending games, Jean Paul :)

  2. Love it as a WOMAN'S Perfume. I intend to buy if for myself (and I'm a Girl). This scent is too fruity for any MAN.

  3. I love this fragrance and I'm a guy. Fragrance should be considered as genderless when thinking of the gender of the wearer. Fragrance should, like this one, merely enhance the presence and ambience of the wearer.

  4. I tried it initially for fun, to test another of JPG's great fragrances. I was extremely surprised when I couldn't stop sniffing the back of my hand (where I'd sprayed)for the love of the scent. It's like Le Male PLUS! I have to get a bottle immediately ......

    Desmond Pereira
  5. The funny thing is.........Every woman and man stopped me to know what I am wearing. The scent is so fresh and not vulgar. To sum it, it's fresh, clean, exhiliratingly Sexy. Great for Hot, White Summer nights! Splash it Day and Nights. YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE NOTICED, without being loud!!!

  6. I owned Le male.

    This is much better.Le male had something that bit the nose and gave a headache.

    For guys who think that florals do not suit men,they can try 70's or 80's men's fragrances or Hugo original.

    But for a modern man,this is a TRULY MANLY SMELL!AND AN EXCELLENT ONE!

    Great sillage,longevity.

    Kerem Poyraz

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