A Comment by Azzi Glasser on TSS Regarding The Creation of Maîtresse by Agent Provocateur {Perfume History & Facts}


Perfume designer Azzi Glasser recently left a comment on The Scented Salamander regarding details of the creation process of Maîtresse by Agent Provocateur. I wanted to call your attention to it. Her note is a response to a previous comment, also left on TSS, by nose Christian Provenzano which we already posted about. Christian Provenzano explained that he was the author of Agent Provocateur Maîtresse, not Azzi Glasser as reported by Cosmetic News and Cosmetics International, and Azzi Glasser the Marketing Director for the fragrance....

Azzi Glasser wrote:

"I am actually the in-house Perfume Designer not the Marketing Director for Agent Provocateur and am in charge of what the fragrance juice will smell of, what ingredients will be included in the concept and the overall story of it.
I hope this now clears up any mis-understandings you have there. All Agent Provocateur fragrances are created in-house as we do not license the brand out.

Source: Azzi Glasser


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  1. Lordy! This is why I love your blog. Unafraid of a bit of hard perfume news & controversy. Appreciating my first linker more than ever.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. For me, this post and the link to your prior post, illustrates why your blog is among the best perfume-related blogs of 2006. Besides that, you spoil us to new posts constantly. And you do not follow any voice but your own. Good to see TSS is off and running for 2007 as well. Keep up the scintillating reading...

  3. Fragrant Funster,

    Thank you! These remarks are interesting because they call our attention to the yet unclearly defined notion of authorship in perfumery. Here it sounds like a movie-making model with a director, screenplay writer, etc.

  4. Treazurekitten,

    Thank you very much for your kind words.


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