A Petition Submitted Against Clarins To Have Angel Perfume Be Declared Misbranded {The 5th Sense in the News}

"The National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF) has submitted their petition to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to have Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler distributed by Clarins Paris declared misbranded...."

Read more about the issue. NTEF proposes several research documents about Angel on their site.

Source: NewsReleaseWire.com 


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  1. A bit of misinformed fear-mongering on that NTEF site:

    Angel is primarily sold by Nordstrom's Inc., who are aware of the dangers but are electing not to disclose this information to the public. Nordstrom's, Inc., is federally prohibited from shipping perfume via the United States Postal Service Air Mail. They have to ship by commercial air carriers such as DHL. Hazardous Material 18 U.S.C. 1716 states: "All matter that is outwardly or of its own force dangerous or injurious to life, health or property is non-mailable".

    ALL this means for fragrances including Angel is that they are classified as "Flammable Liquids" under DG regulations. They are NOT classified as toxic or infectious substances which is a whole other matter and DOES NOT apply to fragrances tendered for transportation.

    NTEF is doing a classic context twist....makes me suspect the validity of their "science" if they cannot get this piece of very basic Transport 101 correct.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. Fragrant Funster,

    Thank you very much for pointing this out. I made a neutral announcement because I am not sure what is going on exactly. For example, I do not understand why they would focus only on Angel.

  3. I find this interesting in light of the fact that Angel is the only perfume I have ever experienced an allergic reaction to. I love perfumes and perfume oils and have used hundreds in my lifetime, but I could not abide Angel on my skin for longer than an hour. I had to take allergy medication and shower to remove it. I was unhappy about it since I thought the fragrance was very nice. I had received Angel as a gift from a friend, and she felt so guilty that she had given me a perfume that I was allergic to! I wonder if there is any ingredient in Angel that is not a normal perfume ingredient? My strange reaction to it makes me think so. Of course it's just speculation on my part, but hearing this news makes me wonder again.

    Shari Summer
  4. I like Shari was given Angel as a gift for Christmas.

    I had my neck and wrists breaking out as soon as I applied it. I attempted a few days later to try it again and this time my throat started closing up.

    I find it way too heavy and when someone passes by me who is wearing it I have trouble breathing again.

    Is there anything in it that would cause this type of an effect?

    Patti Murphy
  5. I used Angel Perfume Last week and ended up in Resus in the Hospital. I had anaphylactic shock. The next day I ended up there again. The only thing that was in common on the two days was the Perfume Angel. I am going to have it allery tested. Be careful with this fragrance it is not safe.

    Annette Smyth
  6. Fragrant Funster is correct -- numerous perfumes and cosmetic companies are not permitted to ship their merchandise throught the U.S. Mail. I've visited the NTEF website, and find that their one "source" wishes to remain anonymous -- likely a disgruntled employee with a bone to pick with the employer, and quite likely for a reason totally unrelated to the safety of the perfume. I find it curious that this is the only concern that comes up through Google when the perfume has been on the market since 1992. Sixteen years on the market, and NTEF is looking for individuals to write in so that they can find a plaintiff to bring a law suit. Sounds like someone is interested in making some money -- this would not be the first scam ever concocted to get even with an employer. Of course this is all conjecture on my part, but I do not believe that NTEF has provided any solid evidence to warrant the fear it has attempted to produce in consumers. With regard to the notes from those who have had allergic reactions -- you may have a legitimate allergic reaction, but that does not make the perfume toxic. I have allergic reaction to the tannins and the sulfites in red wine, but that doesn't make it toxic or dangerous. Some have allergic reactions to nuts that could kill them, but that doesn't make it toxic for everyone. I would recommend getting allergy tested though.

    k. wenberg
  7. The cosmetics industry is not closely regulated. Every year hundreds of new chemicals are created, not studied, and put on the market without proof of safety. I think that a little understanding of the human organism might help people understand that having a reaction to dangerous chemicals is not that far fetched. Why would it be safe to put chemicals on the largest organ of the body everyday, and exposing the entire organism to a toxin? Rethink it and decide if common sense holds the answer to the question. Can something made in a lab really hurt me? Have manufacturers ever put money before safety and gotten away with it? Research MCS if you have anymore doubts about the presence of toxic chemicals in personal care products.

    C. Seacrest
  8. I am highly allergic to Angel perfume it causes me migraine headaches like no other and it takes me 2 days to get over it. My eyes burn, throat starts clogging up and my head feels like it is in a vise. It also makes me dizzy and it smells like bugspray. This all happens if I get within 10 feet of it.

    Tamara Garner

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