Round-Up of Comments: Mitsouko's Formula, Address of Parfums de Rosine in Paris {The Readers Talk Back}


We thought that it would be worthwhile to call your attention to comments that were posted on TSS this week which are of general interest to readers:

Jean-Noël commented on Te Deum for Mitsouko:

"Mitsouko has a very short formula (10 lines). My guess is that they have changed real "amber tincture" for a synthetic substitute. Another change coud be in a substitute in the C14 or C18 aldehyde for an IFRA compliant product."....

Rebecca commented on Parfums de Rosine in Paris

"Hi-- Just wanted to let you all know that I saw the Rosine boutique just this morning. It is near the entrance to the Grand Vefour retaurant, on the Galerie Valois side of the Palais Royale. It is sort of tucked away, so you'll have to keep your eyes open, but it is there!"

Many thanks to Jean-Noël and Rebecca! 

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