How Far Can A Wine Collector Go: Lessons For Fragrance Collectors {The 5th Sense in the News}

Check out this article in the New York Times about a man mad about wine. He has an 8000 foot square cellar and more than 65 000 bottles of wine, not including the 14 000 ones he recently auctioned at Sotheby's. Could a fragrance collection grow that large?

By Wine Besotted: A Fantasy Fulfilled 

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,
    Wow ! I already feel like I have a wine cellar of perfume . Dangerous to think of the damage I could do - if I had more funds ...
    Too much of a wonderful !
    Hope you are warm and cozy in Boston.
    BTW - What cent did you choose for Valentine's Day ?
    I went with Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil !

    Madelyn E
  2. Wine collection is a very serious chich business, oenologists enjoy a certain status in society, men ordering hundreds of dollars wine bottles at restaurants are "connoisseurs"...unfortunately perfume image is not as respectable. even perfume lovers keep bashing too elistist or expensive fragrance lines on perfume boards all over!

  3. He's a god. What passion.

    I'm new to the perfume world. However I think perhaps what might limit perfume achieving the cache that wine enjoys is that it is so subjective. Perfume is also dependent on the wearer. Wine is less so. Drinkers can arrive at a consensus of what makes an exquisite wine.

    I've just realised that my argument may be flawed. Good perfume and wine are complex. There are symphonies of scents and flavours. The individual can identify top and base notes. Wine as with perfume is dependent on the drinker. Do you like it? So i guess enjoying both is a subjective experience (silly me). So why not have a mad perfume collection. How wonderful.

  4. Dear Madelyn,

    I went with Bain Royal de Caron because we got snowed in and its chalky-powdery character made me think of the snow:)

  5. Dear Ava Moore,

    You are so right to point out that many perfume lovers expect perfumes not to be too expensive!

  6. Dear Mocha Choc,

    Perhaps wine tasting is considered more noble because wines are made of all-natural ingredients. Nature is in great part the author of a wine.


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