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The latest release by Gucci is a masculine perfume called Gucci Pour Homme II. It was created by the Proctor & Gamble team and Mane. It includes fresh and silvan top notes of bergamot and violet leaves. The heart unfolds on a spicy accord of pimento, black tea, and cinnamon. The base deepens with notes of olive wood, tobacco leaves, musks, and myrrh. The perfume is a follow-up to Gucci Pour Homme. It is reminiscent of the incensey notes of the first one only en passant while taking on a very different persona. Markus Strobel, general manager of prestige products and fine fragrances for P & G said "the formula is aimed at hitting "the sweet spot" between providing a "fresh, easy to wear' ambience, "a masculine sensuality" and a "distinct, memorable" sensation." He also added "I think we've never spent as much time on a male fragrance as we did on this one, and it really is amazing,". It took Gucci two years to design the fragrance and the result is indeed remarkable.....


Gucci Pour Homme II is a strikingly complex (but not in a multi-faceted sense) and subtle perfume offering a velvety fresh texture. It is also a very "round" scent, which is classically considered to be a great quality in a perfume. The cooler notes are never bracing but come folded into softer warmer counterpart tonalities. The jus is balanced so as to feel both warm and refreshing, but, the latter, never in any literal obvious way. Déclaration by Cartier for example is more literally refreshing with its wonderful thirst-quenching quality (to each good perfume its genius). Gucci Pour Homme II conjures up on the other hand the complex sensation of being refreshed by warm tea. It is like tasting a very smooth drink and feeling the liquid roll under the tongue and develop in the palate all the while experiencing both the warm and fresh facets of a brandy or tea. The result is a mellow, elegant, and beautiful fragrance that could easily be adopted by women as well, as it feels unisex although the jus was initially designed with the "modern Italian playboy" in mind. It proves difficult to resist the smooth charm of that Italian playboy.

The perfume initially starts with a transient fresh and vegetal impression of bergamot and green violets punctuated by pimento that could evoke a green garden and is warmed up very soon by blond tobacco leaves and woods with a hay nuance. The accord is a little reminiscent of the blond tobacco nuances found in the narcissus of Fleur de Narcisse by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The perfume is however even more closely reminiscent of L'Antimatière by Les Nez, but without the über-subtle character of the latter; it is just very subtle and you should always be able to smell it, unlike the more difficult L'Antimatière. Although leather is not mentioned, there are some masculine leathery undertones making one think of the leather covering the seats of a sports car. There is a certain lightness and nonchalance to the scent that is very elegant and appealing.

The fragrance is a little fruity and a little sweet, but all in good proportions. Olive wood smells a bit fruity in its natural state. Bergamot and cinnamon together tend to bring Coca-Cola facets to the scent, but it remains seductive.The leathery and resinous accents of myrrh become more perceptible in the drydown. The perfume is enveloping, sensual, airy - perhaps from the wind in your hair and face as you drive your cabriolet - very suggestive of sunny days and holidays. The longer dry down or bottom note is subtly woody and musky and evokes the aroma of warm sun-kissed skin after having rolled in the hay. It is without ambiguity, for me, full-bottle worthy. I also would certainly feel very comfortable offering it as a gift to a wide spectrum of people, women included.

The EdT line comprises two EdTs priced at $50 for 1.7 oz and $65 for 3.3 oz. The perfume is now available at Nordstrom.

Source: Women's Wear Daily 

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  1. i'm "fairly" new to the fragrance world, and i've grown to love them and i've become very distinguished when it comes to fragrances. i used to go for the fruitiest, sweetest fragrance. then i started going for the names; even though some fragrances i picked were mediocre, some that i picked, however, were pretty damn good. but now, i have found myself reading reviews of fragrances, then waiting to test them, because i'm looking for fragrances that go right with me (my skin chemistry). gucci pour homme ii, is a LOVELY fragrance. and as the article said, the best fragrance release this 1st quarter of '07. this fragrance is charming, and it is very radiant, warm, and sensual. You actually can smell the complexity put in this one here. it may not be as complex as some fragrances, but it is guaranteed to charm the nose of ANY fragrance lover. and the bottle is lovely and "playeristic." i gotta have a bottle!!!

  2. I have a question can you find the name of that young from publicity
    he's from gucci pour homme 2.

  3. Yes, he is Mathias Lauridsen.

  4. I bought this fragrance couple of months ago, and when i was choosing the fragrance to boy, this new Gucci fragrance immediatelly conquered my taste and I certainly bought it. It reminds me of "Armani Night for him" type of fragrances, the softness and sweetness on the one hand and freshness and youthfullness on the other makes this fragrance exceptional for young men, who can be very romantic and tender while being very masculine personalities. I'd rather compere it to the charm of French men than to Italian playboy as indicated in the article, though both definitions can well be ascribed to this wonderful fragrance. I strongly recommend this fragrance to anyone who appreciates the moderate eclecticism and refinment of the fragrance.

    Gia Bibileishvili
  5. Thank you for your recommendation and thoughts!

  6. I bought Gucci Pour Homme and I put a spot on my wrist so I could smell it, to make sure I liked it enough to give as a gift. I LOVE IT!!! Then I had to try it on my husband and son. It smelled great on both of them. It is both softly sweet and subtly masculine. You can discern many different notes in this. I detected a hint of Tobacco leaves and it surprised me that "I liked that element of it too". A fabulous fragrance that would be suitable for both hommes and femmes alike. I couldn't resist smelling it over and over's such a sexy smell but not in an overpowering way. It is so unlike other Gucci fragrances I've tried, and now it's most definitely my favorite cologne for men. I'd never hesitate to recommend this one, and bought several to give as gifts.

  7. I can't believe people like this stuff! It reminds me of a cleaning agent I used to use on some equipment at work: one whiff and I can feel a headache coming on. I confess I'm not a big fan of anything Gucci to start with, but I wouldn't use stuff to freshen my cat's litter tray. Revolting!

    S Foster
  8. I have a question about the Gucci pour Homme II background music. It is sooooo charming. Do you know what is the name of the music? Thank you very much.


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