What Are You IN2? Enter A Short Movie Competition by Calvin Klein For A Chance To Win $10 000 {Fragrance News}

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To accompany the launch of their latest releases, CK IN2U for Her and Him, Calvin Klein is attempting to better understand/promote the so-called "techno-sexual" generation, a controversial expression they used in their advertising campaign for the new scents. To do this, they are proposing a competition in which participants are asked to answer the question "What are you IN2? The top 3 will receive $1000 and the winner, $10 000......

"What presses your buttons....excites you, motivates you. Your film should be aesthetic, witty, surprising. Upload your film by June 1st and the public will start the voting one week later."

In order to participate you need to register here

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  1. any new launch by calvin klein this year?

    ruby pomanah

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