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Bryant Park by Bond No 9 now has a newly designed bottle following, apparently, issues over copyright infringement that would have been brought up by the Italian fashion brand Pucci. Their trademark bold concentric ovals are out, but the colors remain similar. For a pic of the old bottle you can go here.

Copyright Infringements 

Let me take this opportunity to remind some people that this blog is copyrighted regarding all its original contents. You cannot copy and paste my contents into another blog, on top of that without mentioning my authorship, and then explain that this was because you just wanted to spread the love of perfume further afield and you are only "writing" for a few friends anyway (do you sense a contradiction here like I do?). If you want to keep track of certain articles you can use a service like If you want to reference an article, the best way to do so is to link back to it, with a teaser is fine.....

This spring, John Galliano was convicted of plagiarism for copying William Klein's style of painting over photographs. The designer acknowledged that he had been "inspired" by them, never apparently expecting that this could amount to, er....,plagiarism. William Klein said that he felt he had been hit in the teeth when he saw Galliano's advertising for Dior (which I haven't seen). Via Vogue, photo is from Ursus Books.

People who make references to original contents on this blog by simply saying that they read it "elsewhere" when they are posting on another perfume blog are requested to stop that practice. If you can't write down the name of my blog in full, just don't make reference to and use its contents, it's that simple. If you construct a whole article around an idea you found on this blog, appropriate acknowledgements should be made and "elsewhere" is not good enough. If you hesitate, imagine what treatment you would like best for yourself and ask yourself what is supportive of your original source. Of course, the summum of elegance is to acknowledge that an interesting information you saw on this blog, but which is not original to this blog, you found "via" it.

I am flattered that my style of writing and perfume reviewing is imitated, but I would much rather see something original coming from you. I also do not think that I am the only (perfume) blogger who is pillaged and imitated. This is too bad because ultimately it discourages people from offering the best quality writing and information that they can provide on the blogs.

Even with a Creative Commons Licence you are obligated to acknowledge your source. If this state of things solidifies, I will have to take legal action.

Thanks for taking the time to read this announcement. And if you are in doubt, just ask me.

All the best, 


Photo is from Beauty Cafe.


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